28 countries. Close Collaboration: India, Bulgaria, Australia, Turkey, United Kingdom

Matrix Rhythm Therapy, developed by Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll at the university of Erlangen/Nuremberg, is a creative and vitally important innovation in the efficient treatment and prevention of a wide variety of medical conditions, especially those connected with disturbances in microcirculation and including illnesses of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.

Up to date Matrix Rhythm Therapy and its medical device Matrixmobil ® is used in 28 countries worldwide.

In some countries there are only a few doctors or clinics which use Matrix Rhythm Therapy daily. They brought it personally back to their homelands after seeing or experiencing the potential of the therapy either while they heard a talk of Dr. Randoll at one of the international congresses or while getting treatment in Germany themselves.

Other countries became strong partners and family members over the years. First of all India.

We are looking with pride into the future and welcome you and your country to be part of the Matrix family.


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An Innovative Therapy for curing pain
using gentle vibrations

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In Turkey we work in close collaboration with university hospitals and rehab centers concerning Matrix Rhythm Therapy. There is also interexchange in line of the Erasmus programme.


Dr_Ulrich_Randoll_Entwickler der Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie
„Pain is your tissue screaming for oxygen.“

Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll


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