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Started in 2009 with a group of five pioneering physiotherapists today they are more than fivehundred practitioners using Matrix Rhythm Therapy. A lot of individuals have been benifitted by this therapy, delivering quick and satisfactory results has become priority, portable and effective tool Matrix Rhythm Therapy is proving to be boon for the patients.

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Mr. Anil Deshpande
Director International Medical Technologies, Mumbai

Instructor – India

Dr. Aarti Prasad
Physiotherapist, Bangalore

“In Ramakrishna Hospital, with Matrix Rhythm Therapy we majorly treat patients with acute or chronic pain and stiffness. We have also succeeded in achieving good results in patients with non-healing ulcers in approximately four sessions. Neurological and Orthopedic conditions like nerve injuries, slipped disc ect have also been treated conservatively by the conventional physiotherapy but we have seen remarkable changes in the improvement with Matrix Rhythm Therapy in short span of time”

Instructor – India

matrix-health-partner-meenakshi-panditDr. Meenakshi Pandit
Physiotherapist, Pune

“The Therapy has combined the whole phenomenon of movements, flow and environment together un such a way that it regulates the disturbances at all the levels.”

Instructor – India

matrix-health-partner-sandeep-bhagwatDr. Sandeep Bhagwat
Physiotherapist, Solapur

“With Matrix Rhythm Therapy it is now possible to deliver specific frequency at the celluar level to produce a macroscopic change as compared to oher modalities till date”

Instructor – India

Dr. Varun Naik
Physiotherapist, Karnataka

Dr_Ulrich_Randoll_Entwickler der Matrix-Rhythmus-Therapie
„Pain is your tissue screaming for oxygen.“

Dr. med. Ulrich Randoll




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